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Wool Wash

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This wool wash bar is ideal for hand washing your wool garments and projects.

Ingredients include lanolin and milk to soften and nourish the wool fibres, and lavender and cedar wood essential oils for a beautiful fragrance that should also deter moths.

How to use:

1. Cut a small sliver of wool wash from the bar and lather it in a bowl of tepid water. Alternatively, you rub the bar of soap between your wet hands in the bowl of water to create a lather, but you must then let the soap dry before replacing in the tin.

2. Add your wool item to the water, agitate and leave to soak for around ten or twenty minutes.

3. Rinse thoroughly in cold water and lay flat to dry. and when dry.


INGREDIENTS: Sodium rapeseedate, Aqua, Lac, Lanolin, Sodium lactate, Lavandula

angustifoli, Cedrus atlantica wood oil


NET. C. 65g



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We have been working on creating a library of yarns that pushes the boundaries of how we can utilise British wool for different end yarn types.

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