Hand Dyed 70% Cheviot & 30% Nettle 4ply yarn 100g Skein

Hand Dyed 70% Cheviot & 30% Nettle 4ply yarn 100g Skein









A carefully considered blend of British Cheviot combined with FSC and OEKO-TEX certified Nettle fibre (Nettle fibres originate in China). The Cheviot gives a soft and crisp base whilst the nettle adds tensile strength and a slight sheen.


  • Weight: Approx. 2/8 weight 4ply (fingering)
  • Length: 389m/425yds per 100g
  • Hand-dyed by Becci and Markus at Riverknits 


Our North Country Cheviot fleeces come from Maria and John's own Lake District flock and the Heatherlea Cheviots from George and Sabrina Ross who are crofters in the Highlands.



  • Nettle fibres are hollow which allows them to trap air inside, this increases the fibres breathability and allows the fibres to feel cool in Summer and warm in Winter.
  • Nettle fibres have a high tensile strength partly due to their long smooth staple length, this smoothness also attributes to the nettle fibres not taking dyes well, thus when blended with wool creates a slight mottled effect when colour is added.
  • Nettles have a long history of being used in textiles. Due to the plants long roots they grow in many varied climates and grounds. fibres are light and drape well


  • Fleece scoured in the UK
  • Processed into yarn in Italy

For this yarn we worked with a highly regarded Italian spinner to push the boundaries of Cheviot wool use, re-introducing the wonders of quality British wool to a European audience, and benefitting from their immense knowledge of fine yarn spinning. The mill shares our regenerative business values.

Dye Information

We worked with Becci and Markus at Riverknits to create this beautiful collection, they created this beautiful mix of colours that work fantastically together. All hand-dyed in their studio based in Northamptonshire.

RiverKnits specialise in hand dyed colour, combining the traditional material of wool with original dyeing techniques to create exciting new ways of making. They have a strong focus on sustainable sourcing and natural fibres.

After Care

  • Hand wash only - we recommend a wool wash
  • Gently wash colours separately on first clean
  • Air dry flat to keep shape