50% Teeswater & 50% Bluefaced Leicester 4ply 1kg Cone 50% Teeswater & 50% Bluefaced Leicester 4ply 1kg Cone 50% Teeswater & 50% Bluefaced Leicester 4ply 1kg Cone

50% Teeswater & 50% Bluefaced Leicester 4ply 1kg Cone

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A fully traceable 100% British yarn made with a blend of 50% rare breed Teeswater and 50% Bluefaced Leicester fleeces sourced from 2 Lake District Farms. This lustrous and soft yarn has a silky handle. This yarn has been worsted spun to take advantage of the long and smooth staple lengths, will have great stitch definition, and takes dyes well.


  • Weight: Approx. 2/8 weight 4ply (fingering)
  • Length: TBC per 100g


Our rare breed Teeswater fleeces come from Maria and John's own Lake District flock and the Bluefaced Leicester fleeces from Maria and John's own flock combined with some of their neighbours flock who are a couple of miles down the road.


  • Fleece scoured in the UK 
  • Processed into yarn in the UK

For this yarn we worked with a highly regarded British spinner based in Huddersfield to create a beautiful quality yarn from field to yarn in under 100 miles. This mill shares our regenerative business values.


  • Hand wash only - we recommend a wool wash
  • Air dry flat to keep shape

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